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The Harpies

The Harpies is set in an entirely fictional world ruled by a dark, mysterious, and most dangerous order called the Harpyiai which was founded in the late 1900s and is based in a remote castle somewhere in Scotland.

Featuring Jack Lawrence, as a trained Marquis forbidden from living a normal life by his overbearing father, and Caitlin Howard, a strong-willed, feisty little nurse looking for someone to accept her, this series takes you on an adventure from their first meeting to their Happily Ever After.

What can you expect?

The Harpies is a dark romance series with gothic elements, so this series is meant for a mature audience only. There are shady characters with traumatic pasts, a castle set in the depths of Scotland, and four families tied together by a dark secret…

But at the centre of it all is love and loyalty – a battle between those wanting a normal life, and those willing to do anything to crush their enemies.

Trigger warnings?

Definitely, so please read responsibly!

Below is an overview of the potential triggers in each book:

Thrill of Fear

Explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, some physical violence, references to past sexual abuse and rape, grooming, BDSM (mindfuck, knife play, fear play, breath play, primal play, bondage, mild spanking), kidnapping, imprisonment, references to child abuse, manipulation, controlling behaviour, coercion, and references to slavery.

Thrill of Surrender

Explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, graphic violence, kidnapping, false imprisonment, BDSM (flogging, bondage, mild spanking), sexual abuse, slavery, controlling and coercive behaviour, manipulation, dub-con, consensual non-consent (CNC), and flashbacks to sexual assault (not between MCs).

Thrill of Pursuit

Consensual non-consent (CNC), dub-con, BDSM (mindfuck, fire play, fear play, primal play, bondage, whipping, degradation), graphic sexual scenes, graphic physical violence, slavery, references to child trafficking and grooming, manipulation, gaslighting, self-harm, explicit language, flashbacks to childhood sexual abuse, references to torture, substance misuse, sexual assault (not between MCs), use of weapons, false imprisonment, and suicide.

Thrill of Capture


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"The way in which Jack & Kate characters are developed, they come alive through their emotions and actions when they're together as one."

- Goodreads review

"I didn't know I needed this darkness in my life!"

- Amazon review

"I am addicted to this world the author has given to us - extremely well written and you cannot help falling in love with Jack and Kate but they certainly have a hard road ahead of them."

- Amazon review